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Over the five years that I have known Peter, I have been continually impressed and hugely benefited by his intuitive insights and guidance. His clairaudient access to information across an astonishing range of topics ranging from mental or emotional causes of disease and dysfunction, and their spiritual and physical healing; personal relationships, preferences and motivations; career paths and business insights; science and technology; history; and a plethora of other subjects, has been extremely useful, and repeatedly demonstrated to be highly accurate in instance after instance.

-Audrey G

The one and only Peter Roth, my first spiritual teacher who’s got more training and practice than anyone I know. If you’re looking for guidance, deep intuition and Human Design insight and healing, He’s the MAN.

-Jen R.

Peter provides access to an astonishing array of topics ranging from mental or emotional causes of disease and dysfunction and their spiritual and physical healing

-Marc N.

Peter has transformed my life. He has helped me to see myself, the world, and those around me through a new lens which I didn’t have access to before. He has helped me clarify and strengthen my approach to dealing with complex injuries and illnesses for my patients

-Jonathan P.

I participated in Peter’s classes and found them to be tremendously enlightening and helpful. I’m a continuing student of Peter’s and highly recommend anything he offers.

-Ray B

Peter is a grounded teacher with a perfect blend of common sense and higher wisdom. He’s truly an intuitive healer who’s committed to empowering others.

-Kimberly S.

Peter has guided me and given me many useful intuitive tools to help get to the deeper causes of physical and emotional issues.

-Jim B.

Peter provides unlimited opportunities for understanding and transformation. He teaches with openness, generosity and inspiration and offers innovative and highly effective techniques.

-Lisa D.

Peter’s work with me and his numerous classes have completely changed my life. He is a master teacher.

-Steve G.

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