Unveiling the Mysteries of Intuition

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Unveiling the Mysteries of Intuition: A Journey with Peter Roth on Healing, Transformation, and Success


Unveiling the Mysteries of Intuition: A Journey with Peter Roth on Healing, Transformation, and Success

This is an article written by Luka Dragovic from MysticMag.

In a captivating interview with MysticMag, Peter Roth unveils the secrets behind his 28-year journey tapping into and trusting his intuitive abilities. Roth’s process begins by entering a mental state of emptiness, allowing a genuine connection with the information that flows through.

As he discusses successful intuitive healing sessions, like the miraculous recovery of a world-class runner and the transformative shift in a roadrunner’s performance, Roth showcases the rapid and precise nature of his intuitive approach. MysticMag readers are invited to explore Roth’s commitment to creating a safe and supportive space for clients, where authenticity and integrity reign supreme.

Dive into the vast array of techniques he incorporates, guided by the wisdom of the universe, as Roth shares his insights on balancing intuition with evidence-based practices for a truly holistic and well-rounded approach to healing.

How do you tap into and trust your intuitive abilities when working with clients?

To tap into and trust my intuitive abilities when working with clients, I initiate the process by entering a mental state of emptiness. Essentially, I strive to clear my mind to allow a genuine connection with the information that flows through. I’ve honed this skill over 28 years, having worked with numerous clients.

The key is to remove myself from the equation, letting my mind transcend its usual chatter. This opens up a space where I can listen to what some may refer to as the spirit. In this state, information comes through effortlessly and is tailored to the specific needs of the individuals I’m working with.

Even in teaching settings, like the class I had last night with 14 participants, I address each student individually and intuitively. My approach is rapid and precise, akin to using intuition as a finely tuned machine gun. I receive information swiftly, allowing me to respond immediately to each person’s unique needs.

In the virtual environment, such as Zoom classes, the speed of response is crucial. I navigate through multiple students, offering insights and guidance in quick succession. This demands a high level of confidence and trust in the intuitive process, as I allow words and phrases to flow through me, addressing each individual with specific and relevant information. Ultimately, my confidence stems from years of experience and a track record of satisfying people’s needs.

Can you share a specific example of a successful intuitive healing session you’ve conducted in the past?

Certainly, I’ve conducted various types of healing sessions, addressing both physical and psycho-emotional aspects. I believe that the physical is often intertwined with the psycho-emotional, and my approach reflects this interconnectedness.

One notable instance involved a world-class runner who contacted me just four days before a major championship. She was in a dire situation, barely able to walk due to intense physical strain from her training. Despite being thousands of miles away, I assessed her energy field and identified that it was tightly spun. The cause? Excessive training in one direction on the track had locked up her body.

In a swift intervention, I had her spin in the opposite direction of the track. Almost instantly, her leg recovered, and four days later, she emerged victorious in the championship. This example underscores my approach: a willingness to observe and respond to the unique needs presented, with no preconceived notions about what the body or energy fields should conform to.

Another case involved a roadrunner, previously a track runner, who struggled with a peculiar issue. While she could always surge in practice, the same burst of energy seemed elusive during actual races, specifically in Oregon. Upon investigation, I shared an unconventional insight with her – the issue was linked to her father.

Initially surprised, she questioned why I was bringing up her father when she considered her mother the primary challenge in her life. I explained that her father’s passive nature, unable to stand up to her dominating mother, was influencing her running dynamics. She carried his energy during races, inadvertently losing the competitive edge.

By reframing her perspective and running with her father’s love rather than his perceived weakness, she experienced a transformative shift. The newfound approach made her unbeatable in subsequent races. This example showcases how delving into unconventional insights and addressing underlying emotional dynamics can lead to remarkable breakthroughs in performance.

How do you approach creating a safe and supportive space for your clients to explore their emotions and healing journey?

Creating a safe and supportive space for my clients is paramount, and I approach it with authenticity and integrity. It’s crucial that my clients believe in the safety and support I provide, and this belief is something I naturally exude. My established reputation reflects my commitment to fostering a secure environment.

Unlike relying on superficial rituals or symbols to convey safety, I prioritize genuine intention. I don’t indulge in elaborate rituals or claim that certain objects or actions will automatically protect my clients. Instead, I believe in the power of authentic intention, rooted in purity and wholesomeness. When my intention is clear, and my energy is transparent, clients can readily perceive the integrity in my approach.

In the past, I grappled with concerns about dark energies and interference, which led to a sense of paranoia. Realizing the negative impact of such fears, I consciously shifted my mindset. I no longer let fear dictate my approach; instead, I embrace the belief that my purpose is to bring light, goodness, and truth. By operating from a place of confidence in the power of light and the inherent good, I dispel the need for defensiveness or paranoia. This mindset allows me to create a space where clients can explore their emotions and healing journey without unnecessary fear or apprehension.

What techniques or modalities do you commonly incorporate into your intuitive healing sessions, and why do you find them effective?

The array of techniques I incorporate into my intuitive healing sessions is vast, and my approach has evolved over many years. In the past, when I ran an active in-person school with around 20 students, I taught a variety of healing techniques. However, I don’t adhere to specific labels or fixed methods. Instead, I recognize the presence of the universe in my work.

The universe, in its infinite wisdom, often guides me towards new healing techniques. I refrain from attaching labels like Archangel this or that, as I prioritize the essence of truth, integrity, wholeness, and light in the teachings that come through. Over the years, the universe has directed me to let go of certain techniques and embrace new ones, leaving my students astonished by the diversity and effectiveness of these methods.

This approach has empowered my students to break free from rigid structures and explore their intuition without constraints. Being highly intuitive means opening oneself to the infinite possibilities that the universe offers. By allowing this infinite flow, paying attention, and following higher guidance, one can tap into an abundance of techniques that may be unconventional yet profoundly effective.

While it might be tempting to cling to familiar techniques, I’ve come to appreciate the ever-changing nature of the guidance I receive. Even when I’ve questioned why new techniques are introduced, the response is a reminder that growth and evolution are constant. This willingness to embrace the unknown has resonated with my students over the years, encouraging them to cultivate a similar openness in their own intuitive journeys.

How do you balance intuition with evidence-based practices to ensure a holistic and well-rounded approach to healing?

Balancing intuition with what some refer to as evidence-based practices presents an interesting challenge, especially when considering the dynamic nature of scientific evidence. Science, by its very nature, can’t always rely on concrete evidence. Thus, the term “evidence-based” can be ambiguous.

However, I do acknowledge the importance of certain proven principles, especially in the realms of nutrition and lifestyle. Nature itself provides compelling evidence that exercise, hydration, and exposure to sunlight contribute to overall well-being. These principles, often regarded as evidence-based, are integral components I incorporate into my holistic approach.

My unique ability to sense and interact with energy adds another layer to this approach. Through my hands and fingers, I can feel the energies emanating from individuals—their chakras, auras, and even the condition of every organ and gland in their body. The quality of these energies speaks volumes, guiding me to areas that require attention.

When someone expresses discomfort, I use my hands to assess the energies of their organs and glands. For example, if the liver feels imbalanced, I can intend specific solutions. This might involve recommending a particular nutrient, suggesting a lifestyle change, or even emphasizing the importance of human connection, like offering or receiving hugs.

Over time, I’ve amassed a diverse menu of interventions—thousands of possibilities spanning behaviors, lifestyle adjustments, nutritional approaches, and more. Every individual is unique, and the key is to discern the specific needs of their energy. It could be a nutrient deficiency, a behavioral shift, or even an emotional aspect like forgiveness.

In essence, my approach involves drawing from an infinite array of techniques and interventions, each tailored to address the diverse and dynamic energy needs of each individual. The goal is to bring about positive changes that resonate with the person’s unique energy profile.

Peter’s website: www.heartriver.org

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Written by Luka Dragovic

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