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My job is to help make people feel whole. This includes the dramas in one’s life (i.e. relationships, work situations, finance, health, etc.) and to see where the dysfunctional patterns began and to find the solutions to them. I love to bring people out of pain and I’m excited about the many tools I have to do it. This is why I teach. It’s great to have an arsenal and I want everyone to have one. Of course the strongest tool we have is our heart. To strengthen this strengthens all. I want my clients to have the tools to be powerful and maintain their health and happiness.

Offering online classes, online consultation as well as face to face consultation for clients across New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and the world.


About Peter Roth

A warm welcome from Peter Roth!

Intuitive abilities have provided me with the opportunity to help people in many ways. Some refer to me as a life, health, or relationship counselor or coach. My expertise in physical ailments has led some to know me as a medical intuitive. I’m also a metaphysical coach. My classes and radio shows on Energy Stew are often about consciousness and metaphysics as well as personal development.

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Intuitive Development

Providing opportunity for magical personal growth and intuitive mastery

This is an opportunity to use your natural, powerful, intuitive skills to live much more successfully. Join me from your own home or anywhere you have your computer, phone or tablet.

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I have known Peter for nearly 15 years and I can honestly say he saved my life with his psychic gifts. What I love most about Peter is his straight forward approach that gets right to the heart of the matter during sessions. He was born with a wonderful gift to hear and channel the messages of the higher realm of spirit with integrity and compassion. He is truly a healer who is committed to empowering others and assisting anyone who crosses his path. He is a grounded teacher and family man which is the perfect blend of common sense and higher wisdom. What a treasure to have known him all these years.

Peter, your work with me and your numerous classes have completely transformed my life. Previously I had no idea about intuition and metaphysical ideas, and now I not only run my life from this perspective but I teach this to others as well. You are a master teacher and great friend, and I am so grateful for having the good fortune to have found you.

From many years of working with Peter Roth, I can say he’s an excellent, highly-skilled and perceptive intuitive whose ability to penetrate into situations has been consistently accurate. Peter is a very caring and compassionate person who provides his clients with what they need and I highly recommend him.