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I’ve been given a new program through transmissions from higher consciousness to access energy related to our birth dates. These are the numbers responsible for revealing our lives with amazing clarity through astrology, numerology, Human Design, destiny cards and other powerful ways. In a sense, they are our spiritual address in the Universe. They are our template for the personality we are born with.

Working with this new healing program we will de-condition the parts of us we’ve collected that interfere with our progress in manifesting our greater destiny. A metaphor for this program is a stem cell treatment for the psyche.

“Peter Roth is perhaps the most gifted, intuitive healer that I have ever known. It’s no surprise that he would pioneer an innovative healing technique to assist humanity in its evolution. The transfer of energy is very tangible. I felt the connection immediately and my left hand heated up and almost completely saturated the paper circle! My entire body truly absorbed the soft, healing energy and permeated my system inside and out. The presence of spirit also was very much noted and I felt surrounded by peace and love as I was being filled up with divine light. All the stress and tension in my body melted away. Even my chronic back pain improved greatly after the session. The experience stayed with me for several days. I felt centered, peaceful and had many good nights of sleep. Thank you Peter for sharing your gift with me!”

-Kimberly, New York City

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We all have greater purposes in life and are here to create value both for ourselves and others. Yet, there have been people and events in our lives that have created difficult circumstances for us. Conditioning comes from countless early experiences when we were too young to have perspective or unable to process problematic events. These have allowed our minds and bodies to develop habits and behaviors unsuited for our future happiness.

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I’ve been told this healing program works at the level of the subconscious. It’s not about taking unwanted conditioning and tossing it away but rather empowering the subconscious to transmute it into wisdom and positive energy using the original template we were born into. During transmissions, some people will feel energy moving, different sensations and perhaps some early results. It really takes a number of sessions (perhaps 10) to reach different layers of the psyche and receive a more thorough result. What is most important to pay attention to is renewed clarity, confidence, purpose and comfort. You’ll likely see that this program can remove or reduce the noise or clutter of life that has been getting in your way.

Peter, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be one of the first recipients of your new healing process. I can tell you certainly that the long standing feeling of being stuck with my personal and professional endeavors has lifted and I am busy moving forward again. In particular I have a clear vision of what I want to accomplish and I’m taking specific steps to work on clearing out energetic debris, whereas before I was stifled. I have renewed hope for positive outcomes without any residue of emotional baggage getting in my way. I would call this a very positive response that I can directly link to our healing session. I hope many others are well served by your wonderful work.

-Steve, White Plains, NY

So much of healing is about creating wholeness to see all of life’s concerns from a more powerful point of view. When our frequencies become more harmonic, our minds and spirits dwell on ideas and habits that are in alignment with our joy and happiness. A large part of our healing process is to create greater awareness and to resolve conditioned habits and move beyond them. Healing includes facing and overcoming fears, false hopes, or disillusions in order to reveal deeper truths or greater wisdom. You’ll feel more empowered to make appropriate changes in your life.

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Follow the steps below to join into the healing

Step 1

  • You need to draw an eight inch circle on a piece of white paper with a black pen (or print out the circle that is linked to this page or that can be emailed to you).
  • Using a green felt tip pen, draw your birth date inside the circle using the six to eight numbers (i.e. 9 14 1978). No zeros before single digits.
  • Leave spaces between the month, day and year or day, month and year without any marks between them. No slashes, dashes or periods.
  • Your writing inside the circle can be of any size.
  • When you register, I’ll be receiving your birth date and I will do the same with your birth date in my circle but using a blue felt tip pen.

Step 2

  • At an appointed mutual 10 minutes of time at our separate locations (I’ll be sending out announcements of transmission days and times), we will each put our hand on the circle. You will use your left hand and I will use my right hand.
  • We will hold our hands there for the 10 minutes. Try to stay several feet away from electronics.
  • It will be helpful to have some (unforced) intentions during the sessions
  • There is no pre or post ceremony to this although you might want to be in a receptive and positive mood with good intention.
  • We then need to express some form of gratitude at the end of the time. A simple thank you can suffice.

Sign up to receive the particular times that these sessions will be transmitted. There will be at least 3 choices of days and times each week that you can use. I won’t need to know which one you choose as I’ll be working with the same circles each time. Doing this once a week for 10 weeks can be sufficient for this program to work for you.

Add your information for the transmission

If you’d like to be included when I am processing this transmission, please add your email address, name, and date of birth below. Without this information I can not add you to the circle. On Sunday nights an email goes out to the transmission list with the weekly schedule.

This program works for couples in relationship by doing it together at the same time, without touching each other. Children can use this as long as they are mature enough to keep their hand on the circle for 10 minutes. Corporations and organizations when they use their founding date and one of the founders is working with the circle.

I can work with multiple dates simultaneously by using a pile of circles with more than one date in each circle. You can also use a pile of circles and/or put more than one date in each circle so you can help friends and family. Including them is helpful although the transmission to them is potentially less powerful since they are not actively involved using their own hands. Hands have their own patterning (like fingerprints) and energy and connect accordingly. The suggested limit for each person to submit other people’s dates is four.

I have been told I have a special capacity to work with this energy. We all have our special jobs to do. There is no charge for this service and I want to help as many people as possible.

Interested in working with me privately? I can do additional important work with the circles, and offer this as part of my services as well as individual intuitive counseling/healing, and Human Design chart session. Please contact me to learn more or to schedule your private session with me.

And as always, the Heart River school offers many different, wonderful classes.

First I felt energy coming into my left hand and opening up my right hand. Then I felt a slow energetic scanning through my body starting at the top of my head and moving down. To start I used a blindfold and in complete darkness. I had no alarm or clock. My only intention was to be present. Half way through I was told I’d hear 4 bell sounds when it was complete. And when they rang I stopped, gave thanks to you and the universe then went into my kitchen where the clock was. Oddly it was 12:20 on the dot instead of 12:10. Something happened with time for me and I’m not exactly sure why it was twice as long. Those are my immediate observations. I’m curious to do this again.”

~ Nate, New York, NY

When you download the circle, your printer might not size it correctly or the outside edges might be cut off. It does need to be 8 inches and you can draw in the missing edges if need be. Otherwise, if the circle is too small, you can tie a pen to a 4 inch string that’s anchored to the middle and inscribe the circle. Please make sure your circle is 8 inches.

Download the True Life Circle Diagram

Contact peter Roth at and give him your birthdate for you join the circle.