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Everyone is born with a unique personality and it’s a great value to learn about it. Human Design shows what you’ve come here for, what your purpose is and what your strengths and even weaknesses are. Then, strategies can be created to do the best job with what we’re given. For parents, it’s so helpful to know how our children are going to grow up and who they are here to be. It’s so much easier to raise them when we can make decisions based on their uniqueness.

Many of the Monday night tele-classes include information about each student’s chart. Peter receives birth data from the students and uses their charts according to the theme of each class. He’s also available to do private readings. He’s done a couple of thousand of them and they take about 2 hours for a full coverage of the chart. Contact him at or (212)222-7748.

You can have your chart and/or a family members chart emailed to you for free. Email us the birth date, time and place and we’ll send it to you.
This is not an analyzed chart, just the basic design.

The Human Design System is a brand new mystical science that was first revealed in 1987. It works with the position of the planets at the moment of one’s birth to establish a chakra template (body graph) based on the hexagrams of the I-Ching.

Peter has done several radio shows on “Energy Stew” about Human Design and you can find the links on the radio archive page at 

When Peter provides chart readings for people, they are always astounded it the intricate insights and consistent accuracy that Human Design offers. Your personal design reveals layer upon layer of deep and constant personality traits that have always been a part of you. People always ask if we are stuck with our design and many are dismayed that this is true. We think we should be able to change what we want. Of course we can change and become much better at who we truly are than become who we were never designed to be. No one seems to suggest that a Gemini can become a Leo.

You are born into 20 to 25 hexagrams (depending on duplication) out of the 64 of the system and these represent the particular idiosyncrasies of your personality. The 64 hexagrams have been shown to parallel the 64 codons of the genetic code. This is actually a gene chart. Your chakra centers are selectively activated, or not, at birth by your particular hexagrams and further define your true self. There are many other profound themes of your life that can be interpreted by your chart.

This powerful system gives you very specific tools to know how to live your life authentically. The core of the system shows you how to make correct and true decisions for anything in life.

Peter Roth is a registered Human Design Analyst and certified instructor who can help you understand your chart. Many of the profound truths that the system reveals have been integrated into the life understandings that Peter teaches in the Heart River classes.

For those who are looking at their charts for the first time this can be frustrating since it’s a new format to you. First of all, you might want to understand your type. There are Generators (70% of the population) which includes about half as Manifesting Generators. Then there are Manifestors (8%), Projectors (21%) and Reflectors (1 1/2%)

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Generators always have their second chakra centers colored in (the red box). It’s the motor and Generators are run by their motors. Busy, busy constantly stirring the pots of intention trying to make things work. The theme for Generators is frustration because Generators are not Manifestors. Actually, Generators are indirect Manifestors. While they are busy stirring their pots (it’s all they know to stir) and focused on what comes out of the pot and mostly what isn’t coming out of the pot, eventually they get tapped on the shoulder. Since this is like life coming out of left field we are not always aware of it but this is the Universe delivering. It’s just not in the form or timing that is expected. Generators need to surrender and just allow life to show up. It’s just that because the motor is always going that it’s hard not to stir the pot so vigorously and feel frustrated that we can’t make things happen well enough. It’s all about trust and surrender. Once an opportunity is revealed, a generator needs to make a guttural sound to know if it is correct. That sound can be either uh huh (positive sound) or uh uh (negative sound). These are not words such as yes or no which come from the mind. These guttural sounds come from a deeper place that knows more than the mind.

Manifesting Generators are at first true Generators. They cannot manifest directly but must wait for the Universe to deliver. Once this happens then they can follow up powerfully and manifest a result. They usually appear to be more in a hurry than pure Generators.

Manifestors are the energy of the old kings and queens. They are here to have an impact and expect to manifest. It’s on their minds. They focus on what they want and are powerful in creating it. It’s just that they are very aware of the resistance to that and their theme is anger. There is not as much patience anymore for kings and queens so Manifestors must be diplomatic in explaining themselves. Then people can give them room to manifest. When they are children it’s best for them to ask for what they want but as adults they are here to inform about their intention, not ask.

Projectors are here to be recognized for their gifts and to be invited to use them. They might be busy people but they are not slaves to their energy as Generators are. Projectors are much better at self nurturing. They are here to help the Generators come out of their slavery. Instead of stirring their pots, Projectors design them. They live in their design. They are seen when they are living out their gifts. Until this happens, when Projectors haven’t yet been recognized, their theme is bitterness. Projectors are usually fussy people because they really only want to be recognized for their gifts and will not accept every invitation unless it comes from being recognized correctly. Generators are more willing to waste time with the wrong invitations (unless they are using their sound) because they are so thankful that something seems to be coming out of their pots. Projectors are generally avid readers and they can purchase books from Human Design at a discount because it’s understood they can’t help but buy so many of them.

Reflectors have none of their chakra centers colored in. They do have some colored-in gates (portals) at different chakra centers. They are here to reflect society. Since they have no definition they are like a mirror and reflect what is around them. They need to wait for a full cycle of the moon before they can make the right important decisions. As the moon moves through its cycle it activates different gates which creates awarenesses as related to those gates. The whole cycle creates enough awareness to know what is correct. Otherwise, their theme is disappointment.