Are you SELF-centered enough?

Author: Peter Roth |

Peter Roth, on Energy Stew, interviews a very special person who is launching her new book. His wife, Deborah Roth’s new e-book “Circle of One, the Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman” is a user-friendly, self-care guide for anyone who's been spending way too much time taking care of everyone else, and is now ready to create a powerful practice of radical self-care for themselves. Sacred SELF-Centeredness is about getting over overwhelm and re-connecting with one’s own personal power and wisdom.

Even though the focus is on women, Peter found the book very inspiring for all of us to create personal joy in life. This is a book you will want to order again and again and give many copies to friends and family. He likes to plug his guest’s books and especially this one... though he might be a little biased.

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