How to improve your “mojo magic"

Author: Peter Roth |

There are so many boxes we are taught to live in and so many that just don’t fit us. The best way to wiggle out of your boxes is to live in your “mojo” Dr. Bradford Keeney, an acclaimed psychotherapist and “Mojo Doctor” has written a very helpful book entitled “The Flying Drum”. He's out to blow up all the boxes including the one's psychotherapists use even though he’s the head of the psychotherapy association of Louisiana. He’s been guided to many corners of the world to meet and study with unusual “witch doctors” who have taught him how to use magical tools. These are tools (toys) we can all use. Peter Roth's interview with him on Energy Stew will open up new understandings and opportunities to live in your mojo magic. Be sure to tune in.

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