Marc Newkirk – scientist and innovator

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Peter Roth is a phenomenon.  Over the five years that I have known Peter, I have been continually impressed and hugely benefited by his intuitive insights and guidance.   His clairaudient access to information across an astonishing range of topics ranging from mental or emotional causes of disease and dysfunction, and their spiritual and physical healing; personal relationships, preferences and motivations; career paths and business insights; science and technology; history; and a plethora of other subjects, has been extremely useful, and repeatedly demonstrated to be highly accurate in instance after instance. His insights on human design have proven greatly valuable to my family and many others I have known, enabling a greater degree of understanding of ourselves and our interrelationships. His integrity, friendship and compassion have been treasured by my entire family, and a host of close friends and acquaintances that I have enthusiastically referred to him. I highly recommend Peter as a major asset to all who seek higher insight and understanding.

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